MAPay presents Social Distancing Wristbands

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Underserved No More

Helping COVID care patients directly impacted in Underserved Communities
We all have our own comfort level with greeting others and following social distancing rules. In addition, we are also adhering to scientific recommendations to obtain positive health outcomes. What is more awkward than having to wave someone off from a fist bump or stepping back when someone comes to talk to you? It feels rude because this is not our norm. It is now. So, we saw this concept and adopted it for the MAPatriots of the world. Simple wristbands that are red, yellow or green, depending on your comfort level.

No Contact. Don’t take it personally. I am out in public for necessity and must ensure appropriate social distancing rules are in effect at all times. Please do not try to touch me or come near me.


Limited Interaction. Come say hello (with mask on!) I am out in public following all social distancing guidelines. I am ok with having a chat as long as social distancing rules are in effect.


Elbows OK. I am following the rules and I am confident that we will succeed in resuming social activities soon. I am comfortable in public and believe that communities that work together masking, washing hands and following guidelines will keep me and my community safe. Let’s do this!

Wristbands are great for business and global/country re-openings, restaurants, churches, schools, family gatherings, community events and more.

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