Underserved No More

MAPay Foundation

Underserved No More is part of the MAPay Foundation, whose mission is to improve health access, patient experience and health outcomes in urban, global and other Underserved Communities, historically and now with COVID. Our goal is to help COVID Care patients directly impacted in these communities through donations and visibility. Given the historic inequity, distrust and disparities in healthcare, MAPay believes it is essential to provide access and resources to change health norms.

Our vision is to facilitate cross-stakeholder collaborations to achieve better, more cost-effectiveness health outcomes for underserved populations. There are specific fundamental cultural and health delivery challenges in Underserved Communities that require commitment and resources to achieve.

Our collaborative efforts with Uplift Solutions will leverage community organizations and strong community ties to improve access and health status for all.  Our effort will result in building webs of trust that supports the community in a positive impact. Let us build a legacy together.

MAPay is a global healthcare fintech company specializing in multi-access/multi-party transactions and Contactless Commerce Payment Solutions. MAPay is leading the way for our healthcare heroes, hospital systems, independent practices and consumers by providing non-contact payment solutions for key transactions, such as telehealth appointments, pharmacy deliveries, medical device/suppliers, remote workers, patients and other required commerce encounters.