MAPay Service Offerings

CXO Level Healthcare & Payments Consulting Services:  MAPay provides unrivaled domain expertise in payments and healthcare to transform your cashflow, efficiency, compliance and transparency. Our senior management consultants evaluate, strategize and engage solutions for your business, ranging from healthcare startups to mega-enterprises and States/Countries.  This consulting arm consists of professionals with a wide variety of skill sets.  All MAPay development professionals possess executive company operating experience, along with P&L responsibility. This unique set of skills enables MAPay to rapidly create quality business applications that allow clients to succeed, grow and Dare to Dream.


Patient to Provider/Consumer to Business (C2B)  MAPay provides easy, secure Patient to Provider/Consumer to Business transactions. MAPay’s Healthcare Payment Network facilitates a seamless process for consumers in the medical marketplace, including the private practices, telehealth, lab testing, hospital systems and other independent providers.  Both Card Present and Card-Not-Present (CNP) solutions for remote medical commerce is timely in our current world to send/receive payments for bills, co-pays, deductibles and other medical commerce.


MEDspedia Payment App C2B: Consumer/Patient to Provider MAPay’s major differentiator from other phone stored value applications (like Stripe, Zelle, Venmo) is that MAPay designed for medical commerce. Pay ANY and ALL medical bills in one secure place, with archived records of payments. MEDspedia creates both financial and brand benefit by providing a single universal solution which allows a consumer/patient to pay all healthcare related bills.


Business Enterprise B2B Payments (P2P) AP/AR As a trusted intermediary, MAPay provides automated, streamlined transactions for organizations to pull invoices and push payments for their providers, independent consultants (W2s), and other vendors by defining criteria for affiliated and non-affiliated enterprise/peer to peer principals. Auto-posting eliminates the need for AP/AR staff to manually invoice, pay and reconcile payments. Also includes business to consumer remittance rails for activity such as refunds, rebates, direct reimbursements/payments.


Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) – Patient Now Pay Later  MAPay’s DNA always offered Buy Now Pay Later for Healthcare expenditures. BNPL plans bring affordability to medical commerce. Payment plans and micro financing available. The ability to create and manage Recurring Payment plans is easily implemented in MAPay’s platform.  With customer opt-in authorization, payments are schedule and automated. Enable notifications to review upcoming card expirations, payment schedules, completed payments, confirmations and other defined criteria.  Also create custom finance arrangements to reduce credit risk.  


MAPay OBO (On Behalf Of) Payment Accelerator (Digitize Paper Check Process) MAPay’s OBO Payment Accelerator will streamline the paper check process to providers/consultants/principals, which is fraught with manual steps, USPS reliance, timing delays, and staff/manual reconciliation. Program opt-in allows MAPay to deliver automatic payments to affiliated and non-affiliated provider bank accounts, while eliminating NFS (non-sufficient funds) with verification. Auto-posting also eliminates the need for staff to record manual reconciliations. Reduce obstacles, errors and risk by creating an automatic, secure and quick payment solution for your network.  


MAPay Borderless Payments MAPay’s Borderless Payments provides a digital evolution of payments being transacted and jurisdiction in way that finally makes sense. Healthcare providers can ride our cross-border rails to bring uniformity to patient payment experience regardless of the home boundaries.  Extremely efficient for those on the northern and southern borders of the US. And those finding themselves in need of care in foreign countries.

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