MAPay presents Social Distancing ID Bands

A portion of the proceeds to go to Underserved No More (Helping COVID Care patients directly impacted in underserved communities).


We all have our own comfort level with greeting others and following social distancing rules. What is more awkward than having to wave someone off from a fist bump or stepping back when someone comes to talk to you? It feels rude because this is not our norm. It is now. So, we saw this concept and adopted it for the MAPatriots of the world. Simple bands that are red, yellow or green, depending on your comfort level.


Red: Not Comfortable. I’m out in public for necessity and prefer to ensure appropriate social distancing rules are in effect at all times. Please don’t try to touch me or come near me.


Yellow: Somewhat Comfortable. I’m out in public and following all social distancing rules. If you see me, come say hello (with a mask on!) and I’m ok with having a chat.


Green: Very comfortable. I’m following the rules but I’m totally comfortable in public. I believe that masking and washing my hands are enough to keep me and my family safe.


Click Here to find out more about Underserved No More

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