COVID-19 Entry Assessment Form


The MEDspedia non-contact prescreen data capture questionnaire is designed for healthcare providers and employers of companies who are “open” for business. The purpose of this straightforward form is not to assess the need to get tested, but rather to screen patients, employees and visitors efficiently and responsibly for building entry safety.

Each person poses a risk of being a carrier of COVID-19. Healthcare providers and other essential businesses are being required to ask visitors, patients and employees a series of questions to measure risk to their staff, prior to granting entry. The questions relate to recent health/fever conditions, travel or contact with other COVID-19 persons. Current methods to gather this information include face-to-face contact, through windows/doors/cars and collecting it on paper. All these methods are inefficient and create potential risks for staff.

With the MEDspedia digital entry COVID-19 form, no app or prior sign-in is needed. The person seeking entrance to the facility receives the digital form on their phone through a QR code, SMS text or web link. The questionnaire takes about 20 seconds to complete and the results are sent to both parties immediately via email. An entry decision is determined. The patent pending MEDspedia form is powered by MAPay, a global healthcare technology company, doing its part to help mitigate this risk and help flatten the curve. Any business can have their own Digital Entry Questionnaire Form for COVID-19 in less than 24 hours.

Donations for the entry form accepted and contributed to MAPay’s Foundation, Underserved No More, whose mission is to improve health access and health outcomes in underserved communities both domestically and globally. Our goal is to help COVID initiatives and patients directly impacted in these communities through donations and visibility.