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MAPay advancing discussions for global healthcare payments in Panama. Michael Dershem, MAPay CEO shared, “We are very excited about the mutual prospects of bringing payments on the @Algorand blockchain to Panama.” Special thanks to Georgia Athanasopulos, Consul General of Panama in Philadelphia, Christina Proenza with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Gerardo our calm […]

MAPay’s healthcare payment solutions, built on Algorand’s blockchain network, has the capacity to transform Bermuda’s healthcare system and move $800 million in traditional healthcare payments to the blockchain. VOORHEES, N.J., June 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MAPay, a global healthcare technology firm with a focus on decentralized payment networks, today announced it will introduce its own stablecoin on Algorand to improve

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MAPay now accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum on MEDspedia patient payment platform. As Elon is driving car commerce with the allowance of Bitcoin, we at MAPay will take the wheel for medical commerce. Thank you.  Our gateway and interchangeability provides exciting evolution for all healthcare related payments both domestically and globally– including a pathway for B2B

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MAPay presents Social Distancing Bands. Donations go to MAPay’s Foundation, Underserved No More, whose mission is to improve health access and health outcomes in underserved communities both domestically and globally. Our goal is to help COVID initiatives and patients directly impacted in these communities through donations and visibility.

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MAPay selected as a FINALIST in the NJBIZ 2020 Healthcare Heroes Award program as Medical Technology Pioneer. We are so MAProud to be recognized with all the other great people and companies working on solutions for our healthcare heroes and patients. We are driving industry leadership with Contactless Commerce Payment Solutions. Our rapid COVID response to provide

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MAPay is a global healthcare fintech company specializing in multi-access/multi-party transactions by providing Contactless Commerce Payment Solutions. Due to increased volume and multi-party transactions created by COVID-19, current systems and processes are not able to handle commerce in an efficient, compliant and consumer-responsible manner.  As a result, MAPay is leading the way for our healthcare

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Seeks to Achieve Healthcare Data Interoperability Through Blockchain​ Philadelphia – MAPay, LLC, a global healthcare technology firm, has deployed a transformational healthcare payment network with an expanding customer base, positive patenting positions, increasing revenues, and multiple industry stakeholder acceptance. The company utilizes distributed ledger technology to power smart contracts to transact secure medical solutions on

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